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Resolving Conflict God's Way (Part 2)

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Resolving Conflict God's Way

Hi Beloved, I pray that you enjoyed and applied part 1. Let's move forward.

God knows that offenses will come. Offenses are opportunities to distinguish the mature from the immature. You have the choice of how you'll react to an offense. Just because you choose the high road doesn't mean that what the person did or said was not offensive. It also doesn't mean that they're getting away with anything. When Nabal offended David, David wanted to kill him but it wasn't necessary. God handled it.

So don't worry yourself about making sure that people pay for what they've done. Also, when it comes to your behavior, what do you deserve? Or, how much do you owe? Thankfully, God does not keep count of the wrong we have done. You must free people from the prison in your heart.

Steps to resolve conflict God's way:

Pray Consistently

God tells us to pray without ceasing. We should always take our relationships into prayer. Every single person in your life is a gift to be treasured. The best way to get the most out of your connections is to pray for God's will for the people around you. If you notice a sensitive topic that needs to be discussed, pray specifically about it beforehand. Make sure to purposefully invite God to help you and everyone involved.

Become an Expert Forgiver

Start forgiving before they deserve it. Before they apologize. Before the conflict starts. The ability to do this means that you're an expert forgiver. This takes a high level of spiritual maturity. God tells us to forgive over and over again. Forgiveness doesn't mean that you should put up with abusive behavior but it does mean that you're not holding onto bitterness making the situation worst. This can be difficult but God will help you. The more you practice the better you'll get at it.

Demonstrate Self-Control

If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, you have the precious Holy Spirit inside of you. He's there to help you and protect you. When in a disagreement, can people see Him in you? Here's His fruit; joy, [inner] peace, patience [not the ability to wait, but how we act while waiting], kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Even in conflict, the Holy Spirit should be noticeable in you. Beloved, you've got to learn to control yourself. When people lose control all kinds of terrible unexpected things happen. The spirit of anger wants to get you to do things you'll regret.

Talk to God and the Individual(s) Involved

When conflict arises, seek God's advice and understanding. Talk to the person, not about the person to others that are not able to help. Talking to the wrong people has caused discord in families, companies, people groups, and cultures. Don't ruin relationships for everyone. It's difficult to tell someone the worst things about a person and then want them to support the connection. You've already planted the poison they will reject to eat.

Don't Run

It's very easy to run away from confrontation, disagreements, and conflict. But running is not the solution. Running is an immature way of avoiding the issue and a sour attempt of sweeping it under the rug. Running does not equal resolution or good results. When you chicken out and run, you're saying, " I don't care," "I'm scared to talk about it," "I'm not mature enough to take responsibility," and "Hopefully no one will notice," Let's face it! Running doesn't work! God wants you to resolve matters before you go to sleep.

Watch Your Mouth

Do you know how many foul things can come out of a mouth? God created the earth with words. If He's living inside of you, your words are weighty. Can you please stop throwing your weight around in the wrong way? You're hurting people! What you say has so much importance in someone's life. Your words can build or break. God says you're supposed to build up His kingdom. If you tear down another Believer, you're tearing down the kingdom of God. Your words can be like honey or poison. Children up to adults are drastically affected by words.

Humble Yourself

You can't always be right about every single thing. There's always room to learn from others. You can learn from anyone of any age, culture, and background. There's always something that God can teach you but you must be willing to receive knowledge. It's hard to receive when your head is BIG. Just because you can learn from someone does not make them better than you. The most prideful people are the most insecure and fragile. One thing that I've noticed is that the devil likes to use pride to cause self-blindness. The more pride a person has, the more they cannot see errors about themselves that are obvious to others.


Common Mistakes I want you to Avoid

  1. Don't play the blame game. Admit your own mistakes quickly.

  2. Focus on your own repentance instead of correcting everyone else

  3. Stop talking too much. Make your point clear, simple, and calm.

  4. Don't bring up everything from the past that has been addressed. Focus on the current issue.

  5. Don't have false expectations. Understand that everyone doesn't think the same way that you think. Be patient.

These tips and scriptural references can be applied to any type of relationship. I pray that you will apply them to your life. God bless you.

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Donations are received at Jivel Tousand Ministries (501c3 organization)

written by Jivel Tousand

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