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Either make the tree good, and his fruit good; or else make the tree corrupt, and his fruit corrupt: for the tree is known by his fruit.

— Matthew 12:33

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Healing and Deliverance

One on One Sessions

Date listed only due to personal and private details.



Health Care

Jivel Tousand is a beautiful woman of God. She is very down to earth. I have bought two books of hers.....Delivery Me From Myself Trials & Aroma Of Jesus Love and Suffering. I was quite amazed by them both! They were very informative and i did see immediate results with the Deliverance book. Im so very excited to take her Deliverance and Healing with Love course to see what God does next in my life. Im grateful that God has aligned my path to meet and learn from Jivel Tousand! I feel blessed!



Loyal Fan

"I just saw your live video. I feel blessed to come across your advice on the 3 mistakes a new author should avoid. I felt this was meant for me. I will be following you for more blessings. Thank you very much for this awakening woman of God. I would love to have a copy of the book. Falling in love after divorce "



Office Manager

 I write this review as all of the lights in my house are flickering on and off. There is a storm brewing outside. My fear says go to bed but my faith says press on. The Holy Spirit has woken me up and demanded my attention so I’m going to give it to Him. Allow me to be completely transparent. It is not the writing alone but the anointing of the Holy Spirit in this book that has the power to satiate even the most critical connoisseur. As salt flavors a meal, taking on the tasteless and returning the flavorful, this book has opened up parts of my life story that have purposefully laid dormant; forcing me to take an intrinsic look at the demons in my life that I have allowed to settle in and get comfortable. It has added spiritual flavor where there was once bland acceptance ... and THAT is something that you cannot buy or bottle. IMPORTANT THINGS TO KNOW: This book is not about divorce, but about the love story of God and his people. What happens when life disappoints...when plans fail and all that you once thought to be right in the world seems to have been taken or turned upside down...? How do you get to the mountain top when your life’s story has led you from one valley to the next? If these are questions that you have ever asked yourself...then Falling in Love after Divorce is a MUST READ. Between this book and the prophetic gift placed within Jivel... I am on the journey of a lifetime and I cannot complain. If your spirit is hungry... (understand, your physical man might be satisfied...but if your spiritual man is in need of nourishment... ) you need to get this book.



Loyal Fan

Great Woman of God! Thank you so much for being such a blessing to many! Your book Deliver me from myself is amazing! May God continue to bless your writing. 🙏🏻❤️



Ministry Leader

Thank you sooo much for coming forward with the truth. This is going to deliver a lot of people once they get their hands on this anointed book. Healed from 17 year old heart wound and a light of an angelic being came into the room while reading this book. 




Jivel Tousand....Very Holy Spirit inspired Book! God has given you the treasures of darkness & SECRET RICHES in hidden places! Isaiah 45:3; and SuperNatural Spirit of wisdom & Revelation! Eph. 1:17 Isaiah 11; Rev. 5:12



Loyal Fan

Wow!!! Falling In Love After Divorce by Jivel Tousand. This book is small but very powerful because it inspires you to have a closer relationship with the Lord. It teaches and leads you into prayers by crying out to the Lord. Crying on His shoulders all your pain and concerns, praying from your heart. There's a section in the book where you write your concerns and yes even the answer you hear from the Lord. He wants you to come to Him and allow Him to clean you up and give you peace and true joy. Jivel also teaches that God loves you so much that He gave His only begotten Son to die for that true love. He is worth falling in love with.




Jivel Tousand has truly been a friend, mentor, and a person that is after God's heart. My experience from the time I've met her we've become close and now we're closer than ever. I'm thankful for the opportunity to call her my friend because I know that she's a woman after God's own heart. I've seen through the years the growth since she's spent so much time with the Lord. So when you read her book and encounter her, just know that she has been in the face of God just the same as Moses and have heard from God to do the things that she's doing now. I applaud her and I praise the Lord for her. I know that I ask for prayer, she will get before the Lord and hear what He has to say. I thank her for being my friend.



Licensed Professional

A delightful debut of a journey from a woman that seemingly wasn’t shown much love as a child along with failure in relationships as a young woman. She was shown love by God! This book has activations of Godly connections throughout the book and an invite to start and continue to process your self and to be transported to come to know a God full of love that is ready for acknowledgment and entry to be a part of your life. God gave me 2 thumbs and they just went up after reading this book! I'd recommend Falling In Love After Divorce to anyone.



Marriage  Counselor

In my past, I experienced a great deal of hurt, grief and loss that impacted my life and how I lived. One day I asked the Lord to give me Joy and on the same day he used Jivel to help minister deliverance and to release the gift of Joy in me. This Joy has been a Supernatural occurrence in my life that is now a contagious Joy that keeps me filled with an overflowing gratefulness and happiness as I am living life!!!



State Admin

Awesome woman of God filled w/the Holy Ghost & on fire 4 the Lord.Tune in & be blessed




Blessings Jivel it has been a great pleasure getting to know you. Your Book "Falling in love after the divorce" has helped me in ways I could not imagine. I have been seeking the holy spirit and have been reading all that I can to figure out how to find him. Your book has opened my eyes and allowed me to see that seeking the holy spirit is not as hard as I was making it to be. Thank you for allowing the holy spirit to speak through you in this book. I could have never imagined that I would be experiencing what I'm experiencing now with the holy spirit. I know that the holy spirit and I will have a greater relationship if I keep applying the technique that you have given in your book. Again thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love you much.

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