Kingdom Builders University



Hello Beloved,


Kingdom Builders University was created by Jivel Tousand due to her desire to see those with the Cyrus Anointing operate in full effect!


Kingdom Builders University is for anyone that wants to be used by God to build up the Kingdom of God at all cost. "Bout our Father's Business"

Some are entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, and small business owners that want to have a more significant influence in this world to implement our Father's statutes and the mandate given to us. 

There are several courses to choose from that are individual courses or programs. 

  • Tier 1 Courses Introductory Courses (Ungraded)

  • Tier 2 Courses - Advanced Courses (Graded and Ungraded)

  • Tier 3 Courses - Requires Approval (Graded)

  • Tier 4 Courses - Mastery (Graded)

  • Tier 5 Courses - Collegiate Style (Graded)

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Prayer Power Position

Prayer Power Position

I Am a Teacher!

I Am a Teacher!