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Bio for Jivel Tousand


Apostle Jivel Tousand,


“Most assuredly, I say to you, a servant is not greater than his master; nor is he who is sent greater than he who sent him.” - John 13:16


Following the beautiful example set by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Apostle Jivel Tousand is a true servant-leader. Caring about nothing more than pleasing the Lord, whom she loves with all of her heart, mind, soul and strength. Jivel has devoted her entire life to spreading the good news of the love of Jesus Christ throughout the world. She believes that every individual should have a close and personal relationship with our heavenly Father; a relationship that is built through spending time with Him, learning about Him in His word, understanding revelations provided by the Holy Spirit and walking in obedience to His will. According to the word, God is love and He desires for all people to love one another as He has loved us. Understanding and experiencing the depth of  God’s love, how He desires us to live and how he expects us to treat others is what led Jivel to establish Jivel Tousand Ministries (JTM) on 10/5/2017. Since its inception, JTM has continued to grow, expanding to multiple countries, reaching the lost and building the broken. As part of her ministry, Apostle Jivel counsels, mentors, teaches, and trains individuals, couples and families on how to magnify their understanding of the Lord and His will for their lives. 


As a world-renowned healing and deliverance minister, Apostle Jivel focuses on authentically addressing the spiritual attacks that create barriers between God and humanity. Her ability to discern the root cause of an issue and work with an individual to strategically overcome has proven itself invaluable. As God’s chosen vessel, Jivel allows the Lord to use her as He desires which has resulted in the people of God experiencing full freedom and complete restoration in Christ. Miracles have been recorded across the world and testimonies of the depth and manifestation of God’s power as He uses Apostle Jivel, continue to pour in. Blind eyes have been healed, physical disabilities have been reversed, strongholds of depression, drug/alcohol addiction, gluttony/obesity, lust/perversion and more have been completely broken and annihilated; people have been healed from cancer, COVID-19, migraines, allergies and other chronic illnesses and diseases after walking through healing and deliverance with Apostle Jivel Tousand. It is not in her power but in the power of God flowing through her that has produced these miracles and changed the lives of those who have openly received her. 


Working with the Lord, Apostle Tousand  began discipling other ministers in 2020; teaching them how to use their God given gifts to glorify Him and draw souls into the body of Christ. 

Her passion for training ministers to walk in holiness and righteousness while living a life of purity in priesthood is evident by the way that her program is designed. Teaching biblical concepts while paying specific attention to the needs of each priest individually has been a contributing factor in the success of those who have enrolled in her 12-month discipleship course. God consistently uses Jivel to amplify the understanding of what He requires from each of His disciples. As a result, many of them have seen multi-level promotion in their current careers while launching businesses, ministries and non-profit organizations alike. In addition to seeing the fruit of connecting to JTM manifested in their professional careers, the level of personal growth that each student has experienced, has produced an exponential return on their investment in the program. 


Aside from formal discipleship training, Jivel serves as a teacher, leader, mentor and spiritual mother to people from all races, nationalities, and socioeconomic backgrounds. With the help and direction of the Lord, she is able to speak to the  heart of each individual’s situation, providing clarity and guidance, as they strive to pursue their divinely designed purpose. Whether an individual is new to ministry or tenured in the same, many have found their home under the spiritual covering of Apostle Jivel Tousand. Through impartation, activations and real-life manifestation, the Holy Spirit uses Jivel for others to gain insight into the intricacies within the supernatural realm while understanding and appreciating the necessity of living in holiness while doing so. Those who have chosen to connect to the ministry have received guidance and education which has resulted in various levels of break-through and elevation. Jivel’s ability to operate in several natural and supernatural gifts aids the body of Christ; however, it is her kindness, sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and genuine love for the Lord that has made her approachable and diversely accepted.


Divinely skilled in the prophetic and the art of spiritual warfare, Jivel has garnered the attention of many, causing her to become highly sought after for speaking engagements around the globe. As a radio personality and social media influencer, Apostle Jivel Tousand uses her gifts and relationship with the Lord to help others achieve wholeness in Christ through love, repentance and obedience to God. She is the author of several books, including her best-selling personal deliverance guide, Deliver me from Myself Trials, over 20+ courses and multiple pre-recorded prayers in which people have experienced real-time manifestations of the power of the Holy Spirit.  Her  books, teachings, businesses, and lifestyle are all centered on the true love experience with The Trinity (God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit).


The majority of Apostle Tousand’s training has come directly from the Holy Spirit; however, in addition to His teachings she has also invested in her spiritual growth through various courses and training programs. In 2017, she was licensed in the supernatural by the Eagles International Training Institute; followed by her license as a certified Deliverance Minister through the International Society of Deliverance Ministers in 2018. In 2019, she connected with Broken Heart Ministries International, completing her certification in the Power of the Holy Spirit program and eventually becoming a licensed Prophet in that same year. As Jivel continued to do the work of the Lord, her rank in the spirit began to increase. The more the Holy Spirit taught her, the more she began to teach and train other ministers to operate with Him; and in 2021, she became licensed as an Apostle through Broken Heart Ministries International. Apostle Jivel Tousand lives in Texas with her two children and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Theology.

I'm ready to help you                your destiny.

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Jivel Tousand will speak concerning one of the various topics in her arsenal while connecting to and engaging the audience. She will provide the necessary documentation for slides if applicable for the event. The event organizer is encouraged to also provide the vision for the event and the desired topics. She will always be available to minister when provided the opportunity. She is globally known for ministering in miracles, signs, wonders, prophecy, and prolific speaking with God's leading. 


You can book Jivel for several different types of events. A list is provided for assistance but she is not limited to these alone.

  • Seminars

  • Workshops

  • Deliverance Conferences

  • Miracle Conferences

  • International Engagements

  • Prophetic Conferences

  • Preaching or Speaking In-Person

  • Preaching or Speaking Virtually

  • Book Signings

To review the Record of Miracles log, click here. 

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