As God’s children, we desire to be more like Jesus in every way. We want to sound like Him, look like Him, think like Him, and yes even smell like Him. We want to release a sweet aroma to His nostrils with our good deeds, love, and compassion. We’re called to demonstrate His love on the earth and in doing so, love endures suffering from time to time.  


God’s love is everlasting and there’s no sweeter love than the love of Jesus. This book is for someone that desires to draw deeper, understand, and experience more of the love of Jesus.


While reading this book, you will experience:
• The love of Jesus in new ways in your life.
• An increase of your spiritual senses and awareness.
• Deliverance and more.


God desires to reveal more of Himself to you and to enhance your awareness of His love for you. Are you ready to embark on a new journey with Him?




Aroma of Jesus Love & Suffering

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"Feeling light."


I came to my session with intense pain in my heart and soul and feeling broken and fragmented. Jivel worked with God to release everything that was hurting and broken and I feel light in my body, mind, and spirit and I changed. I look forward to seeing how God uses me to do His will in the future. Thank you so much for delivering me from so much hurt and pain and I feel like dancing and flying. 

Thank you so much. 

Healing And Deliverance  Testimonies

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