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The Holy Spirit has woken me up and demanded my attention.

I write this review as all of the lights in my house are flickering on and off. There is a storm brewing outside. My fear says go to bed but my faith says press on. The Holy Spirit has woken me up and demanded my attention so I’m going to give it to Him. Allow me to be completely transparent. It is not the writing alone but the anointing of the Holy Spirit in this book that has the power to satiate even the most critical connoisseur. As salt flavors a meal, taking on the tasteless and returning the flavorful, this book has opened up parts of my life story that have purposefully laid dormant; forcing me to take an intrinsic look at the demons in my life that I have allowed to settle in and get comfortable. It has added spiritual flavor where there was once bland acceptance ... and THAT is something that you cannot buy or bottle. IMPORTANT THINGS TO KNOW: This book is not about divorce, but about the love story of God and his people. What happens when life disappoints...when plans fail and all that you once thought to be right in the world seems to have been taken or turned upside down...? How do you get to the mountain top when your life’s story has led you from one valley to the next? If these are questions that you have ever asked yourself...then Falling in Love after Divorce is a MUST READ. Between this book and the prophetic gift placed within Jivel... I am on the journey of a lifetime and I cannot complain. If your spirit is hungry... (understand, your physical man might be satisfied...but if your spiritual man is in need of nourishment... ) you need to get this book.

Freedom Testimony from

Andrea Jackson

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