Program Cost

The fee for this program is $700.00


Payment Options:

Option 1: Pay $700 in full by 2/1/2021

Option 2: Pay$700 in 3 payments.

  • 2/1/21 $250.00
  • 4/1/21 $250.00
  • 6/1/21 $200.00


Payments are nontransferable and nonrefundable. If at any time, payments are not received, the student would be removed from the course until full payment has been made.


Program Requirements:

Students are required to participate and submit assignments on time. The program has a point grading scale that will be applied based on the participation of the student. There will be a meeting or class once a month preferably on Thursday evenings at 8 pm CST. The exact dates will be provided at a later time. Assignments are due on the last day of every month.


The program must be completed within 1.5 years if a student is unable to complete within the 12 month period due to personal reasons. Each case will be reviewed for acceptance and changes. If the program has not been completed, the student will forfeit the opportunity to complete and will need to restart.


Once you've paid for the course, you'll receive an email with the password for you to download course materials and watch the course videos as the class continues. 


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Supernatural Success

  • Beloved, they'll be no refunds at any time. 

"Feeling light."


I came to my session with intense pain in my heart and soul and feeling broken and fragmented. Jivel worked with God to release everything that was hurting and broken and I feel light in my body, mind, and spirit and I changed. I look forward to seeing how God uses me to do His will in the future. Thank you so much for delivering me from so much hurt and pain and I feel like dancing and flying. 

Thank you so much. 

Healing And Deliverance  Testimonies

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