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Prophets are God's mouthpiece. To be a trusted vessel that speaks the words of God is an honor. He needs prophets today to operate in purity and love. 


I Am A Prophet course is a 4-week opportunity to understand more about the office and position of a prophet. Prophets are known to be the pointers in the Body of Christ, the mouthpiece, oracle, and confidant. We'll explore what that means and how necessary the office of prophet is today.

I Am A Prophet Course Includes:

  • Live Classes
  • Elegant Worksheets
  • 3-Weeks of Training
  • Completion Certificate
  • Access to Kingdom Builders University group on Facebook
  • Receive Prayer and Impartation with Prophetess Jivel
  • During this course, we'll examine the establishment, authority, and much more.


Once you've paid for the course, you'll receive an email with the password for you to download course materials and watch the course videos as the class continues. 


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I Am a Prophet!

  • Beloved, they'll be no refunds at any time. 

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