The Lord loves you and when you do not understand Him during the day, He speaks at night. 


Dream 101 is an introductory course specifically tailored for recipients that want to understand dream language. Once you understand more about the language of dreams, you'll be able to understand your dreams and the dreams of other dreamers.


Dream 101 includes:

Live Classes

Elegant Worksheets

Access to Kingdom Builders University group on Facebook

3-Weeks of Training

Completion Certificate

Receive Prayer and Impartation with Prophetess Jivel


During this course we'll examine who's talking to you, listening to God, and understanding the message. These topics along with various information will enhance your comprehension and provide clarity of dream language.



Once you've paid for the course, you'll receive an email with the password for you to download course materials and watch the course videos as the class continues. 


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Dream 101

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"Feeling light."


I came to my session with intense pain in my heart and soul and feeling broken and fragmented. Jivel worked with God to release everything that was hurting and broken and I feel light in my body, mind, and spirit and I changed. I look forward to seeing how God uses me to do His will in the future. Thank you so much for delivering me from so much hurt and pain and I feel like dancing and flying. 

Thank you so much. 

Healing And Deliverance  Testimonies

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