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Hearing God ...Part 2

How God Speaks

Hearing God is the 1st step, the 2nd step is listening. The 3rd step is acting.

STEP1,2 and 3 equate to obedience.

If you don't hear your parents or understand what they're saying, it'd be quite difficult to be obedient to them. Therefore, we must be aware of the various ways that we can hear Him so we're not inadvertently ignoring Him.


  1. Word of God- Romans 10:17 When you read the Word of God, you'll understand how He speaks more. Also, He'll remind you of passages that you've read to give you understanding in your time of need.

  2. Dreams - Genesis 15:12 is about how God spoke to Abram while sleeping. You can find scriptures like this throughout the Bible. When you're sleeping, you're not getting in the way of what He wants to say.

  3. Angels - Luke 1:13-20 is about a message being delivered through an angel. If God sends an angel to you, listen. Read the passage to see why.

  4. Nature - Romans 11:18-20, proves that God uses nature to provide clarity and ensight.

  5. Colloquialism - John 4:16, 18 is a great example because Jesus spoke to the woman at the well on her level. This means that God will use phrases that are used commonly.

Surprise Bonus

God speaks through people too! God will use anyone He chooses to get a message to you. It could be a prophet or prophetic person, your child, a coworker, and even an unbeliever. Guess what? God whats to use your voice to speak to someone.

So what does this mean?

These are only a few ways that God speaks. Think about a time that God spoke to you. Ask Him to do it again. He wants you to listen.

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